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Mindfulness Based Interventions to Support Abstinence and Sustainable Recovery

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Mindfulness is a meditative practice, and a way of engaging in life with presence, attention, and awareness. Studies have shown that Mindfulness can positively affect physical well-being, mood, cognition, and feelings of connection with oneself, others, or a higher power. With these powerful effects, Mindfulness is used increasingly to supplement conventional treatment and more effectively address the issues that often accompany SUDs, including anxiety, depression, trauma, emotional and physical pain, impulsivity, cravings, poor problem solving, and negative thought patterns, among others. Core principles and evidence-based Mindfulness programs will be shared, along with a case study. Learner Objectives Explain the core principles and benefits of Mindfulness Meditation as an adjunct to conventional SUD programs. Evaluate Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques to support stress reduction and sustainable abstinence and recovery. Presenter Rita Cola Carroll, PhD, IHC, Complementary and Integrative Health Program; Drexel University; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has worked in adult home and community based rehab throughout her career. She has certifications in the Practice of Cognitive Rehabilitation (CPCRT), Brain Injury Specialist, Mental Health Integrative Medicine, and Integrative Health Coaching. She and her colleagues collaborated on a book in 2021, “Complementary and Integrative Approaches to Substance Abuse Disorders”. Rita serves as the Track Director for Drexel University’s MS in Complementary and Integrative Health program, where she teaches multiple courses and has developed graduate courses, including “Foundations of Integrative Addictions Therapies” Nursing CE This event is approved for Nursing CE with the California Board of Nursing.
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