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  • Is Evidence-based Contingency Management a Game Changer for SUD?

Is Evidence-based Contingency Management a Game Changer for SUD?

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Contingency management (CM), a behavioral treatment, provides rewards for negative drug tests, treatment attendance, and other behaviors in an evidence-based, protocol driven system. Despite decades of robust data that indicates CM is an highly effective treatment for opioids, alcohol, and stimulants (the latter which has no FDA-approved medication), there has been stagnation in its usage due to regulatory barriers and limited guidelines. Recently, there has been a shift by clinicians, medical leadership, and national legislators to expand its use. With the adoption of new CM guardrails coupled with the use of technology for simple administration and tracking, CM is gaining traction as a respected, and much needed, behavioral health intervention. This timely webinar will discuss the most important and relevant information on CM. Learner Objectives Describe the process of creating behavior change through contingency management (CM). Name the 3-5 features of an effective contingency management system. State a few key obstacles to CM and the current solutions to resolve. Presenter Jill Rathburn, BSN, RN, PMH-BC, BCC, CPRC; Director, Advocacy and Growth, DynamiCare Health; Behavioral Health Advocate/Mental Health Wellness Nurse/Recovery Coach
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