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  • Outpatient Assisted Alcohol Detox: From DIY to Concierge Care

Outpatient Assisted Alcohol Detox: From DIY to Concierge Care

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Presented by William P. Carrick, RN, BSN, MSN, CARN; Executive Home Detox; Massachusetts Description A general overview of options for an outpatient based alcohol detox. Self detox will be discussed and a focus will be on medical/nursing supervision of the client. Examples of office based withdrawal management and home based withdrawal management will be cited. Learner Objectives Describe three strategies for outpatient assisted detox and apply one advantage and one barrier to each option. Synthesize data from vital signs and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and apply one of three classes of medications that may alleviate the symptoms. Presenter Bill Carrick is a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse and the past president of the American Society of Addiction Nursing. An RN since 1981 with a focus on Mental Health and Substance Use Nursing since 1983. He received his CARN in 2009. He has inpatient experience with withdrawal management as a staff nurse, nurse manager and program director. And experience with over 750 outpatient detoxes for the past sixteen years as the founder of Executive Recovery Coach, Inc., Executive Home Detox®. He has been alcohol free for the past 36 years and is familiar with self-help programs. Nursing CE This event is approved for Nursing CE with the California Board of Nursing.
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