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Alcohol Substance Use Disorder

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Originally recorded July 20 as part of the ASAN 2021 Summer Webinar Series, see for details. Presenter: William P. Carrick, RN, BSN, MSN, CARN; Executive Home Detox; Massachusetts This webinar will be an introduction to Alcohol Use Disorders. A brief history of “alcoholism” and alcohol use disorder will be reviewed in relation to a societal and clinical perspective leading up to the current clinical and societal perspectives of alcohol use. A continuum of alcohol use disorder will be discussed from the minimum criteria for AUD to the criteria for alcohol withdrawal and further to life threatening medical conditions resulting from alcohol use. Basic treatment options and available client tools will be discussed. Learner Objectives: Identify two DSM V diagnostic criteria for Alcohol Use Disorder. Describe three signs or symptoms of Alcohol Intoxication. Identify at least one example of autonomic hyperactivity that may be seen in an alcohol withdrawal. Nursing CE: This presentation is not eligible for Nursing CE.
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