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Positive Human Connections:

24 May 2021 8:34 PM | William Carrick (Administrator)

Positive Human Connections that support a person's recovery is, in my opinion, the most important component in a successful early recovery from substance use.  

Positive Human Connections can take many forms; Family, Friends, Members sharing a place of worship, Workplace colleagues. The use of self help groups are, in some ways, a built in support system of 'Positive Human Connections that Support Recovery.  

Much in the same way, ASAN benefits from positive human connections that support its' mission, that support its' values.  ASAN is a group of nurses that seek to move the patient, the client, the community and each other toward health. 

Just as a person in early recovery benefits from positive human connections, so too does ASAN.  

Bill Carrick

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